Services We Offer

The Federation of Fire Chaplains offers several services to chaplains both members and non-members:

  • A comprehensive website that offers a variety of resources, articles, networking, and membership information.  For members of the Federation of Fire Chaplains, a membership only section provides continuing education, message boards, chat rooms, newsletter archives, special articles and resources, a special section for spousal support, and much more.
  • Information and resources on starting a chaplaincy within a department.
  • For members there is specialized training through the  Fire Chaplains Institute.
  • Regional and state conferences and/or training opportunities.  Training can include basic chaplaincy, advanced chaplaincy, CISM, and Pastoral Crisis Intervention.
  • An annual conference that provides the chance for chaplains to network, take classes, and become informed of the latest information/education within the chaplaincy service.

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